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Top 10 Healthcare Communication Solution Companies - 2020

Poor communication in a healthcare facility increases the potential for medical errors, creates a negative working environment, and increases the cost of healthcare provision. Not only this, poor communication translates into a lower quality of patient care, negatively impacting clinical outcomes. To improve the quality of care, physicians must communicate with each other and the patients frequently. However, this is not the reality for most health systems, where data sharing occurs in irregular intervals and inconsistent formats.

To overcome the information silo challenges, healthcare providers are adopting several communication strategies such as SBAR, an acronym for Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation. This approach is particularly useful for nurse-nurse communications during shift handovers and nurse-physician conversations. When it comes to effective communication with patients, healthcare facilities are using the BATHE protocol. This communication strategy aims not to solve any problems the patient has; instead, the aim is to give the patient reassurances and listen to their concerns. This approach is useful in outpatient settings at improving the patient experience and patient satisfaction scores.

These healthcare communication strategies will ensure information is transferred effectively and efficiently; however, these strategies will only go so far without modern communication systems. Although a great deal of hospitals still rely on one-way communication tools such as pagers and faxes, today, Healthcare providers are starting to use smartphones and other portable electronic devices to improve communication in hospitals. Besides electronic devices, hospitals are leveraging HIPAA-compliant text messaging platforms, allowing all team members to communicate with each other efficiently and effectively.

At this juncture, many cutting-edge healthcare communication solution providers are entering the domain with advanced and integrated offerings. To help the healthcare sector strengthen its operational capabilities and simultaneously enable growth in the industry, Healthcare Tech Outlookhas compiled a list of the top healthcare communication solution providers. The list comprises prominent organisations in the industry that address issues pertinent to the healthcare sector by implementing current trends. Besides, the magazine also includes insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Healthcare Communication Solution Providers – 2020.”

    Top Healthcare Communication Solution Companies

  • CipherHealth is the premier patient engagement company enabling superior communication and care coordination across the healthcare continuum. As a proven healthcare technology partner, our suite of integrated solutions empower care providers to achieve the Quadruple Aim by reducing preventable readmissions, increasing CAHPS scores, improving labor utilization, and fostering patient and clinician engagement. We are a team of passionate innovators with a mission to improve patient outcomes and experiences

  • Lifecycle Health's software platform helps healthcare networks, hospitals, and physician practices achieve better quality care, more efficient care coordination, and more visibility to patients between visits. We enable healthcare systems and hospitals to plan a standard care path, engage, educate and follow patients along their care continuum. By doing this, hospitals and care teams know where their patient's are, know how they are doing, can collaborate with downstream providers, or intervene and connect with their patients when they need to get back on track, saving time and costs, and allowing patients to have a fantastic healthcare experience

  • myElth was started in late 2017 with a vision to empower healthcare consumers. One that makes consumers independent and helps them take back control of quality and cost. The app also stores electronic health records from the users’ hospital visits and makes it readily available for new healthcare practitioners. Using myElth, consumers will enjoy the benefit of having an integrated view of their health information, including medical, dental, vision, and pharmaceutical. The company believes in consumers having the freedom to make the best choices for their health care and be rewarded for it.

  • The company delivers simple health care technology solutions to enhance patient engagement and increase patient loyalty to their medical provider. Its True Patient Engagement Solution that allows virtual visits utilizing secure, compliant communication protocols to engage the provider with their patients. The platform is built on the idea of prevention and will use sensors to track healthy behaviors that will be rewarded with points, to be redeemed to lower the patient’s health care costs

  • OnlineCare delivers care coordination, care collaboration, and care management through its single agnostic platform built to serve healthcare professionals and patients. Established to be the first digital, integrated healthcare delivery system, the company delivers care coordination, care collaboration, and care management through its single agnostic platform. OnlineCare allows members of the healthcare ecosystem to connect and collaborate seamlessly. Founded three years ago as ‘Uber for healthcare,’ the company’s platform offers patients a broad spectrum of healthcare services. Beyond taking the routine office visit virtual, OnlineCare offers digital dental, behavioral health, and clinical care access. Furthermore, OnlineCare includes a branded applications option and targets 30-day readmission, by focusing on transition of care management (TCM) allowing providers to monitor patients in one single care coordination platform

  • Airstrip


    AirStrip provides a complete, vendor- and data source-agnostic enterprise-wide clinical mobility solution, which enables clinicians to improve the health of individuals and populations. With deep clinical expertise and strong roots in mobile technology and data integration, AirStrip is empowering the nation’s leading health systems as the industry continues to evolve to new business models, accountable care and shared risk. Based in San Antonio, Texas, AirStrip allows health systems to unlock the full potential of their existing technology investments with a complete mobility solution that provides access to critical patient data across the care continuum

  • OptimizeRX


    OptimizeRx® (OPRX) provides unique physician and consumer platforms and strategies to help patients better afford and adhere to their treatment regimens, while offering pharmaceutical and healthcare companies more effective ways to deliver relevant information and services to healthcare providers and their patients right at the point of care.

  • PatientPop


    PatientPop is the only all-in-one practice growth solution. By enhancing and automating each touchpoint in the patient journey — from first impression online to digital booking to post-visit follow-up — PatientPop makes it easy for healthcare providers to attract more patients, manage online reputation, modernize the patient experience, and automate the front office. We are a fast-growing healthcare technology startup in the heart of Silicon Beach. We only hire the best candidates, and we make sure they stick around by providing a fun environment, desirable benefits, generous PTO, and more

  • SOC Telemed

    SOC Telemed

    SOC Telemed (SOC) is the largest national provider of telemedicine technology and solutions to hospitals, health systems, post-acute providers, physician networks, value-based care organizations, and health plans. Built on proven and scalable infrastructure as an enterprise-wide solution, SOC’s technology platform, Telemed IQ, rapidly deploys and seamlessly optimizes telemedicine programs across the continuum of care. SOC provides a supportive and dedicated partner presence, virtually delivering patient care through teleNeurology, telePsychiatry and teleICU as well as enabling healthcare organizations to build sustainable telemedicine programs in any clinical specialty.

  • Vaporstream


    Vaporstream is how you have confidential and leakproof conversations, send compliant and disappearing messages, and stay in control of your information. We provide communication solutions that go beyond encryption to give businesses complete control over how their information is stored, shared, deleted and retained. In a world where sensitive information is constantly compromised, we make sure you have the privacy and security your business demands