Top Healthcare Communication Solution Companies
OptimizeRx [NASDAQ:OPRX]: A New Paradigm in Point-of-Care Communication

Top 10 Healthcare Communication Solution Companies - 2019

With the ever-growing expectation of the mass for an enhanced experience, the healthcare providers have begun assimilating a consumer-driven approach in their business. The aim is to provide a positive patient experience at every communication touchpoint. Since smartphones are becoming the core of communication, healthcare providers are further bending toward the adoption of mobile applications. Besides, the surging usage of digital wearables, content libraries, and patient EHR (electronic health record) portals is compelling the healthcare providers to improve their patient engagement resources to meet the current market standards.

Understanding the changing landscape of healthcare communication, Healthcare Tech Outlook has compiled a list of top 10 healthcare communication solution providers, in an attempt to help healthcare providers navigate efficiently through the choppy waters of transforming communication processes.

In this changing scenario, we are glad to feature Kansas-based Bluepoint2, which works on automating the process of scheduling medical appointments and streamlining communication between caregivers and patients. The company’s flagship product Navi is a pathbreaking solution to automate the patients’ registration process, much before their medical appointment. In this magazine, we bring you the story of NthJEN that had commenced its journey by building an engagement platform to help patients develop a definitive connection with their personal physician. On the other hand, we have Rochester-based OptimizeRx that has developed a digital communication platform to help pharma companies directly collaborate with physicians and their patients in order to deliver the relevant medication information.

With several such innovative technological capabilities, ideas, and success stories up its sleeves, these organizations are constantly proving their excellence and expertise in enhancing communication in the changing landscape of the healthcare industry.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Healthcare Communication Solution Providers – 2019.”

    Top Healthcare Communication Solution Companies

  • CipherHealth’s patient engagement platform enables healthcare providers to deliver better patient outcomes and experiences across the care journey. The company has built a world-class team and partnered with the top health systems to innovate at the forefront of patient-centric care continuously. CipherHealth’s suite of integrated solutions empowers care providers to achieve the Quadruple Aim by reducing preventable readmissions, increasing CAHPS scores, improving labor utilization, and fostering patient and clinician engagement. The company has a team of passionate innovators with a mission to improve patient outcomes and experiences

  • Lifecycle Health enables healthcare systems and hospitals to plan a standard care path, engage, educate, and follow patients along their care continuum. By following this, hospitals and care teams know where their patients are, understand how they are doing, can collaborate with downstream providers, or intervene and connect with their patients when they need to get back on track while saving time and costs, and allowing patients to have fantastic healthcare experience. The company’s software platform helps healthcare networks, hospitals, and physician practices achieve better quality care, more efficient care coordination, and more visibility to patients between visits

  • MD Interconnect provides an innovative cloud-based mobile and web solution that allows clinicians within an integrated delivery network to communicate quickly, easily, and securely, improving patient care and efficiency while reducing costs. The company's platform, RapidConnect, is created by physicians for physicians. The platform is reimagining how clinicians communicate quickly, easily, and securely, improving patient care and efficiency while reducing costs. MD Interconnect simplifies the system, streamlines care, and safely delivers sensitive Protected Health Information. With their suite of products that eliminate the complexity of communication, the clients can be confident that their communication will be protected, and the right resource will receive it

  • NthJEN offers simple health care technology solutions to enhance patient engagement and increase patient loyalty to their medical providers. NthJEN’s MEIDIVAULT is an Identity management solution built with sensors, AI, and various aspects of Blockchain as a secure, distributed processing engine. MEIDIVAULT can be used to consistently and uniquely identify, track, and engage the patient. NthJEN’s another solution, MEIDIDOC, a true Patient Engagement Platform, helps healthcare organizations build patient loyalty through access, convenience, and rewards. MEIDISHEET and MEIDISEAT are NthJEN’s sensor-based monitoring solutions for the individual and floor setting

  • Through its pioneering digital health communication platform, MI-based digital health company, OptimizeRx [NASDAQ:OPRX] gives pharma companies critical access to directly collaborate with physicians and their patients in order to deliver the relevant medication information. As the nation’s largest point-of-prescribe communication platform connecting pharma firms to healthcare providers, OptimizeRx technology is available across more than half of the ambulatory services market within leading EHR platforms like Allscripts, Amazing Charts, and Quest Diagnostics. This integration ensures a seamless exchange of real-time information across diverse provider workflow systems to improve out-patient services

  • Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, PatientPop was established in 2014. PatientPop is a fast-growing healthcare technology startup in the heart of Silicon Beach. With a dynamic staff, a proven process, and the right technology, PatientPop continues to help providers succeed and improve the patient experience. Website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, Online Advertising, Online Scheduling, Appointment Reminders, Practice Growth Dashboard, and Reputation Management are the products provided by the company. The company partners with the most innovative organizations in U.S. healthcare to service providers in a diverse range of specialties and scope

  • Established in 2015, Vaporstream is an enterprise communication platform that enables private business conversations. VS Messaging leverages advanced content controls and enterprise policies to provide with a private, seamless and intuitive messaging application that meets your business’ needs. Advanced content controls prevent users from storing information on their devices, saving it to the cloud, or sharing it with unintended recipients. The company serves several industries like healthcare, energy, financial services, government and others. The solutions provided by the company are Business Continuity, Executive Communications, Incident Response, Private Collaboration, Patient Engagement, and Clinical Collaboration

  • Bluepoint2


    Navi transforms the care journey for the patient while bringing the attention back to the patient's health condition. Bluepoint2's flagship product, Navi, helps patients navigate their medical appointments. Navi automates the registration process by allowing patients to fill out their clinical and demographic information as well as sign the consent forms—all before their medical appointment. Navi works as an automated, multidirectional communication platform between the doctor who has all the patient information, the hospital that needs that same information, and the patient who needs to verify it and update it

  • PerfectServe


    PerfectServe is healthcare’s most comprehensive and secure care team collaboration platform. The platform is unique in its ability to improve communication process accuracy and reliability via its proprietary Dynamic Intelligent Routing capability, which automatically identifies and provides an immediate connection to the right care team member for any given clinical situation at every moment in time. More than 500,000 clinicians in forward-looking organizations across the U.S. rely on PerfectServe to help them speed time to treatment, expedite care transitions, enhance the patient experience and reduce HIPAA compliance risk. Headquartered in Knoxville, TN, with offices in Alpharetta, GA and Chicago, IL, PerfectServe has helped clinicians provide better care since 2000

  • Voalte


    Founded in 2008, Voalte is a privately held company based in Sarasota, Florida. Over 215,000 caregivers use Voalte products every day. Voalte develops smartphone solutions that simplify caregiver communication. As the only company to offer a comprehensive Mobile Communication Strategy, Voalte enables care teams inside and outside the hospital to access and exchange information securely. Voalte customers benefit from a solid smartphone infrastructure that supports their existing systems and expands to accommodate future technologies. Voalte Platform provides a solid foundation for care team communication that scales along with your healthcare enterprise, today and into the future