10 Most Promising Healthcare Communication Solution Providers - 2017
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10 Most Promising Healthcare Communication Solution Providers - 2017

Today, the Healthcare Communication space is witnessing an exponential increase in disruptive solutions. These solutions augment interoperability and connectivity between health systems, interactive body assistance, cloud storage, wireless wearable sensors, and remote patient monitoring to enhance the quality of care delivery.

‘Health literacy’ is one of the biggest quandaries subsisting in this space since communication can only be feasible if the target individual is aware of the big picture. A communication gap between doctors and patients can cause chaotic situations. Irrelevant news and misconception can lead towards hazardous calamities and can amplify the numbers of casualties.

To overcome these problems, healthcare organizations are pursuing the provision of health education and campaigns to increase alertness among the patients. Acquiring the latest technologies can enable an organization to spread information swiftly and with the help of social media, a large community can be gathered and trained. The motive should be to provide enhanced healthcare facility and to inform the audience about precise healthcare practices and treatments.

In our selection, we looked at vendor’s capability to provide technology solutions to streamline communications in a faster, less resource consuming manner, while keeping the costs under control. Our distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, VCs, analysts, and the Healthcare Tech Outlook editorial board has selected top players after evaluating each vendor in the space circumspectly. We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Most Promising Healthcare Communication Solution Providers 2017.

Top Communications Companies

Care3 is a digital health company that works to improve the health outcomes for people in underserved communities via an industry-changing messaging app


Diamond Healthcare Communications specializes in creating and delivering patient obligation communications for the healthcare revenue cycle


Connects every touchpoint of care throughout the medical facility


Offers a connected health platform with Digital Patient Whiteboard Solutions that are designed to improve satisfaction and coordination of care


PerfectServe delivers a comprehensive and secure communications and collaboration platform


Helps healthcare organizations grow intelligently


Provider of customized video-based education to patients on their mobile devices for enhancing patient engagement, education, medication safety, and operational efficiencies


AEIO Online

AEIO Online

By incorporating information technology, the firm assists business to use computers and telecommunications equipment and handle data efficiently

Diagnotes, Inc.

Diagnotes, Inc.

Diagnotes, Inc. is dedicated to providing trackable and HIPAA-compliant communications between patients, physicians and their care teams



SnapComms helps organizations get employee attention by offering a range of integrated tools that bypass email helping them communicate more effectively with their employees