Vaporstream: Secure Communications for Next-Gen Business

Vaporstream: Secure Communications for Next-Gen Business

Galina Datskovsky, CEO, VaporstreamGalina Datskovsky, CEO, Vaporstream
In this day and age, patient-centered care teams bear some resemblance to auto racing pit crews pertaining to how they collaborate in real-time amid controlled chaos. The communication, however, among the patient-centered, interdisciplinary, extensive teams—comprising doctors, nurses, therapists, family, and others—is more complex as they work and collaborate across different time, locations and the continuum of care. With the imperative to optimize the quality, speed, safety, and cost of care, rapid, asynchronous collaboration of the care team and efficient, HIPAA-compliant communication has turned into a crucial aspect of healthcare. As phone calls often go unanswered, and unopened texts and emails clutter spam folders, it becomes obvious that life-altering messages concerning various medical scenarios, incident notifications and responses need an individual platform where they receive attention and are read immediately.

Enter Vaporstream. The company’s HIPAA-compliant secure communication platform can be used from phones, tablets, and laptops to leverage the efficiencies of modern-day mobile messaging without jeopardizing patient privacy. “Our unique multi-layered security methodology builds a powerful foundation, which ensures that any communication remains under our customers’ control,” says Dr. Galina Datskovsky, CEO of Vaporstream. With Vaporstream, caregivers from disparate systems can be tied together on one platform wherein important communications are automated to eliminate human error and ensure delivery of vital information. Built by experts with over three decades of experience in security, privacy, and compliance, Vaporstream’s SaaS-based, patented messaging platform offers innovative security measures and best-in-class infrastructure that meet the most complicated of industrial workforce requirements. To avoid the prioritization of convenience over security, the company has built secure communication into its workflow. The platform’s texting mechanism simplifies workstreams in half the time it would have required over other forms of communication and leverages secure text in new ways to eliminate toil, increase productivity and recapture lost revenue.

Our unique multi-layered security methodology builds a powerful foundation, which ensures that any communication remains under our customers’ control

“When HIPAA-protected information remains on a phone forever, it is a violation of the security policy,” explains Dr. Galina. With the realization that encryption alone does not imply security, Vaporstream ensures that data on this platform is ephemeral and vaporizes automatically from the customer’s servers and devices after an interval of time determined by the customer’s corporate policies. At the same time, a single copy of the messages is archived in the designated repository of medical records to meet legal, regulatory and business mandates. This feature has proved to be a key differentiator as it secures personal information like social security numbers, while enabling the healthcare institution to refer to essential content when necessary.

The process simplification and mass notification features offered by Vaporstream’s communication platform streamlines billing and referral processes as well as patient engagement communications. These include pre- and post-operative instructions, and medication and educational knowledge to the patient and caregivers. The platform differentiates itself with its attunement to customer needs and a unique feedback mechanism.

The emergency notifications feature of the Vaporstream platform has proven extremely useful to clients time and again. One of the company’s customers had been afflicted by natural disasters several times in a row over the course of a month. This feature proved indispensable in dispatching healthcare teams and guiding them in an automated manner through recovery. “The client later sent us a letter saying that if not for our system being deployed, they would not have been as effective and their business would have come to a screeching halt,” recalls Dr. Galina.

Vaporstream maneuvers the latest trends in the field of cybersecurity to keep customer information secure. The company plans to expand its feature set, especially in the field of emergency notifications, to simplify patient communication further. “We aim to provide the most useful, time-saving tools to clients whilst simultaneously ensuring secure and effective communication,” concludes Dr. Galina.