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Tea Leaves Health: Intelligent Communications for Better Healthcare Decisions

Miki Kapoor, President of Healthcare  Solutions, Tea Leaves HealthMiki Kapoor, President of Healthcare Solutions, Tea Leaves Health
Today, the world of healthcare is challenged by the availability of patient data and the ways to leverage it. “Healthcare organizations simply do not know enough about who their patients and prospects are as individuals and how to get them active in their health,” stated Miki Kapoor, President of Healthcare Solutions, Everyday Health, a parent company of Tea Leaves. The Roswell, GA based company addresses the challenges through business intelligence and predictive analytics that determine the individuals’ specific need for services, to drive them in for care when it is right for them. “We have technology, data, and expertise to understand the patient in a deeper way than we ever could before,” says Kapoor.

Fetching information from multiple data sources, including more than 600 variables like hospital EMR data, self reported health conditions, and consumer data to add with marketplace analytics, Tea Leaves’ Patientology sends personalized content to the targeted patients and prospects. Their geographic information system (GIS) dashboard, a key feature of the platform, manifests the relative picture of the population and all of the organization’s facilities. “Patientology includes a rules-based decision engine that communicates to the people who are misusing the healthcare information or ignoring the due diligence,” says Kapoor. The solution enables the health organization to understand the requirements of the patients, and match the resources accordingly. More than 85 Tea Selects, automated campaign generators built on propensity models within Patientology, prove quite worthwhile in finding the most qualified healthcare consumers. Also, the solution is equipped with various means of communication tools and through marketing automation, the platform can reach patients and prospects through direct mail, e-mail, display advertising, social media, IVR calling, newsletters, and more.

We can prove our technology works and are 100 percent confident that our clients will be successful when they partner with us

In addition, Tea Leaves’ Physicianology combines the largest claims data set with the hospital’s EMR data, clients’ encounter data, consumer data and GIS technology and proffers it for the user at the practice or group level to track referrals into and outside of the organization.

The world of healthcare is moving toward the practice of building patient databases to drive analytic engines for better insights. Tea Leaves Health’s clients are experiencing a higher level of business intelligence and strategic growth through this practice. Trinity Mother Frances, a Tea Leaves Health client, did not have the data analytics infrastructure to have insights into their patients and prospects in their service area. Finding prospective patients based on the data they had was not possible. Tea Leaves’ Patientology solution addressed the acquisition challenges by targeting 222,000 individuals in the database using pre-built trigger campaigns. Trinity Mother Frances achieved a 42 percent response rate from using the Tea Leaves Health platform and technology.

The company looks forward to introducing Decisionology, an integrated encounter data warehouse including all client patient data sources available in Patientology and Physicianology, in second or third quarter of 2016. Decisionology will provide a 360-degree view of the market and a higher level of business intelligence. The company leadership believes in assisting healthcare providers and organizations with understanding the healthcare landscape in an easy and comprehensible manner. “We can prove our technology works and are 100 percent confident that our clients will be successful when they partner with us,” remarks Kapoor. “We believe in turning data into information and information into insights to help drive business intelligence and strategic growth with those we work with.”