MD Interconnect: Reimagining Clinical Communication '

MD Interconnect: Reimagining Clinical Communication

Karen Hohenstein Co-Founder & CEO , MD InterconnectKaren Hohenstein Co-Founder & CEO , MD Interconnect
As a practicing pediatric surgeon at a large healthcare organization in Raleigh, referring pediatricians invariably came back to Dr. David Hoover with the same recurring feedback. “The healthcare services offered by your organization are outstanding but communicating with the right physician at the right time is an uphill task.” With numerous toll-free numbers, widespread use of pagers, and an in-house call center, the healthcare organization was doing its best to accommodate the needs of patients but still fell short in terms of offering seamless communication.

Our aim through our intelligent message routing system is to ensure that the right message reaches the right person at the very first time

“The challenge doesn’t lie in the popular belief that healthcare organizations are slow in adopting technology, but rather in the fact that the market lacks solutions that are specifically designed for the clinical environment without disrupting a practitioner’s existing workflow,” says David Hoover, CMO and co-founder of MD Interconnect. To bridge this gap, Dr. Hoover decided to take things into his own hands and along with Karen Hohenstein, a seasoned healthcare consultant, co-founded MD Interconnect. Their venture offers a state-of-the-art cloud-based mobile and web platform, RapidConnect, which securely connects clinical participants across the care continuum. RapidConnect eliminates communication barriers between providers, enables outpatient and inpatient caregivers to connect effortlessly and ultimately improves patient care.
David Hoover Co-Founder & CMO, MD InterconnectDavid Hoover Co-Founder & CMO, MD Interconnect

One of the main reasons RapidConnect is steadily gaining popularity in healthcare organizations is because of its ease of use. The HIPAA compliant solution easily integrates with a client’s existing EMR and workflows and is completely customizable. At the onset of every installation, the expert team at MD Interconnect customizes the product in line with the message routing preferences of physicians while enabling them to control their availability. In case a physician is unavailable at a particular point, messages get rerouted to a designated resource, optimizing care continuity. “Our aim through our intelligent message routing system is to ensure that the right message reaches the right person at the very first time, facilitating staff efficiency and meaningful patient interaction,” states Karen, CEO of MD Interconnect.

The company places client needs above everything and offers a flat license fee for its application, which can be used by an unlimited number of users in a healthcare system. As such, RapidConnect was the solution of choice for WakeMed Health & Hospitals. WakeMed’s orthopedic practice had recently partnered with a prominent soccer club. Through this relationship, RapidConnect was extended to over 50 field-based physical trainers. As a result, players receive medical attention in less than half the time previously taken. RapidConnect paved way for superior care with fewer delays in responding to patient care questions, x-ray consultations, and follow-up arrangements. Always keeping in mind that secure communication is equally important as seamless communication; RapidConnect protects private patient health information (PHI) by encrypting data, enabling only designated resources to access information. “What we want our users to understand is that RapidConnect is much more than a communication tool. It becomes an extension of their outreach and growth strategy while assuring immeasurable patient and business value,” adds Karen. “Our vision is to emerge as the primary point of communication in the entire medical community while driving best-in-class clinical outcomes,” ends Dr. Hoover.