Diamond Healthcare Communications: Devising Customized Healthcare Communication Solutions '

Diamond Healthcare Communications: Devising Customized Healthcare Communication Solutions

Mark Peterson, President & CEO, Diamond Healthcare CommunicationsMark Peterson, President & CEO, Diamond Healthcare Communications
Today, solutions in the healthcare continuum have to be designed in reference to the consumers. The adoption of technology is gradually rising, and the vendors have to embrace it for digital and cross-device communications. Digital and e-notifications for bills are evolving as a trend especially for the younger patients who have become accustomed to the flexibility of online payment applications. The healthcare environment requires a solution that communicates and caters statements and bills in multiple formats and for multiple devices. Diamond Healthcare Communications (DHC), a division of Diamond Marketing Solutions, renders patient friendly statements, designed using visual attention analysis to create a personalized communication regardless of the format or channel. “Our technology allows highly sophisticated programming that creates variable, full color printed, or companion digital statements that can have embedded messaging and graphics,” begins Mark Peterson, President and CEO, Diamond Marketing Solutions (DMS), the parent company of Diamond Healthcare Communications.

Headquartered in Carol Stream, IL, DHC extracts data from Hospital Information systems, enterprise EHR systems, or Practice Management systems to serve healthcare providers and their RCM service providers, regardless of the quantity or frequency of processing. The company also has an extensive compliance practice through which they provide W-2, 1099, 1098, and Affordable Care Act reporting documents to institutions and employers nationally. “Some of our clients are even combining their W-2 and 1095-C reporting, and we have developed a unique printed format that combines both reporting documents into one single document,” affirms Peterson. Apart from the compliance practices, DMS additionally offers direct marketing development, production, and support for attracting new patients.

“While others are waiting for the patients to arrive, we touch and communicate with potential clients to bring in more patients,” asserts Cyndi Greenglass, Senior Vice President of Strategic Solutions, Diamond Marketing Communications.

DiamondView is DMS’s proprietary statement platform for healthcare providers that gives their clients a 360-degree view of processes and production 24/7/365. DiamondView allows users to create, generate, launch, and manage their documents. It supports both industry standard and client-specific patient communications requirements. Implemented as one integrated web-based system, DiamondView offers key capabilities such as mail tracking of mail pieces through the USPS mailstream, integration with client e-statement platforms and the ability to drilldown to and search files, records and documents. “The uniqueness lies in the fact that we offer our clients the ability to view activities from concept to mailing, which ultimately allows them to control and monitor revenue,” states Dawn Mellas, Vice President of Online Applications.

For instance, an RCM service provider wanted a solution that offered additional statement formats and the ability to present the printed statement online via their customer portal. Using the specifications provided by DHC, the RCM service provider created a graphical user interface that allowed the providers to not only make specific modifications to their statements but also enabled a new provider to create a statement layout within hours of on boarding. DHC also developed an aggregation functionality that allowed for a single data file to be provided by the customer that was automatically broken out into multiple individual facilities for all reporting functions.

As compliance becomes vital in the years ahead, DHC is well positioned to incorporate all PHI, PII and compliance documents to employees and patients. This will allow providers, insurance institutions, and major employers to have one seamless vendor with a proven track record of IRS and ACA reporting. The company will continue to invest in the genesis of the business by integrating with the singularly focused service providers in the market place. “By monitoring the best of breed, we will apply our expertise in data driven communications to their services and expand our reach in the healthcare offerings we provide,” concludes Peterson.