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OnPage: Secure and Prioritized Messaging

Judit Sharon, CEO, OnPageJudit Sharon, CEO, OnPage
It is the middle of the night and the ER of a large hospital in Pennsylvania is witnessing record activity. A patient, in need of critical cardiac care, lies amid bustling nurses staring into the thunderstorm ripping through the city. Acting quickly, the hospital pages its senior cardiac surgeon who is engrossed in another task on a different floor. Regrettably, there is a sudden loss of coverage and the message is lost. Fortunately, the hospital had enough resources to avoid any grim consequence—but these situations can quickly go south, more often than not. What can be done to avoid such ‘close call’ scenarios altogether? Getting rid of pagers and embracing smartphones driven instant communication. “Real-time communication that is reliable is vital to healthcare,” states Judit Sharon, CEO, OnPage.

While healthcare CIOs are immensely interested to see the infusion of latest communications technologies, the implementation and ‘change’ tends to be met with pushback. “Add security and compliance concerns to the mix, and the challenges of a change-over are amplified,” comments Judit. However, Judit does not see these as anything but hurdles to overcome. With a clear understanding of the C-suite’s needs, she and her team have engineered an easy to implement and use, holistic messaging solution—OnPage.

Being a pioneer in bringing the immediacy and convenience of casual messaging to healthcare communication while adopting the cloud, OnPage is also Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant. OnPage is more than just a pager replacement. It gives organizations full control of its messaging and users. “Companies can enable or disable users in real time, create response hierarchy trees, remotely wipe messages, track the status of messages sent, and also maintain a full audit trail,” Judit explains. And to ensure a smooth change-over, OnPage seamlessly integrates with existing legacy messaging systems, minimizing disruption.

Initially launched as an enhanced pager replacement that leveraged smartphone capabilities, OnPage has evolved with customers’ needs.

To ensure a smooth change-over, OnPage seamlessly integrates with existing legacy messaging systems, minimizing disruption

“Requests for a holistic solution with an ‘all-in-one inbox’ spurred us to incorporate capabilities like time-stamped audit trail, message prioritization with ‘Alert-Until-Read,’ and automatic message received and read notifications,” says Judit. For instance, OnPage’s Enterprise Control System was designed with inputs from one of its customers, Boston Children’s Hospital. “While the OnPage client can be downloaded and deployed instantaneously by any individual, the Enterprise Control System serves a different purpose,” she adds. It enables organizations to create and manage their own users based on a systematic logic, access the audit trail to monitor responsiveness, and create groups and escalation protocols. The Control System is also architected to be used as a messaging gateway that facilitates the dispatch of messages to individuals, groups, or the entire organization—with just one keystroke.

Enterprise Control System is just what organizations need to track events. In the case of an incident with a negative outcome that could have been avoided, the likelihood of a lawsuit is high. “It is crucial to be able to demonstrate that policies were followed, messages were sent to the right people at the right time, and the appropriate personnel responded promptly,” chimes in Judit. OnPage’s Enterprise Control System provides a complete documented picture of the communication trail leading to the event—valuable information that can be used to prevent adverse incidents in the future.

Being cloud based, OnPage flaunts the flexibility of supporting organizations, both large and small. “It is compatible with several answering service software systems,” states Judit. The company recently integrated with Cisco and now offers a dedicated Phone-line to OnPage. A front runner in this field, OnPage’s proven reliability and robustness is certain to ensure that, “you will never miss another critical alert!”