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DocsInk: Connecting Healthcare Communities

Julie Thomas, CEO, DocsInkJulie Thomas, CEO, DocsInk
The limited ability to securely exchange pertinent information is greatly responsible for impeding clinical productivity, negatively impacting the quality of patient care, and driving up the per capita costs of healthcare. “The paradigm shift we are now seeing from fee-for-service to fee-for-value, begs for a more connected and coordinated environment,” says Julie Thomas, CEO of DocsInk. “Our simple and affordable SaaS solution empowers medical professionals to tackle quality, security, and revenue challenges of clinical organizations without being one more impediment to their day,” delineates Thomas.

DocsInk’s HIPAA-secure communication platform unifies healthcare workflow, clinical data and pertinent notifications concerning a shared patient population; regardless of existing technology, affiliation, or geographical location. This patient-centric messaging strategy helps health organizations eliminate redundant services and clinical errors. Thomas continued, “Patients benefit from their entire care team being on the same page at the same time. This type of improved continuity of care boosts their satisfaction and allows them to concentrate on getting well and staying well. ”

DocsInk’s flagship mobile application, “DocsInk Connect” combined with a web-based dashboard enables the sending and receiving of real-time messages, consult requests, images, documents, and demographics between individuals or groups of healthcare professionals. Interactive on-call scheduler streamlines clinical communications throughout the healthcare organization and connects disparate medical specialists at any time and to any location. “Our automated call routing ensures the user always reaches the right person at the right time,” asserts Thomas. The company’s unique “Share Care” functionality connects disparate medical professionals instantly, in an easy and affordable way without the need for expensive interfaces. Providers also benefit from DocsInk’s census management tool which furnishes customized patient lists at each location where they render services, and automates their shift-to-shift handoffs.

Understanding that providers and health systems work harder than ever for their reimbursement, DocsInk has fully integrated their unique mobile charge tool with its communication platform.

Our simple and affordable SaaS solution simultaneously maximizes clinical revenue, increases continuity of care and improves health outcomes

Built for accuracy, speed and simplicity, charges may be submitted within 5 to 7 seconds. DocsInk ensures potential missed revenue is easily identified and coding is always at the highest level of specificity. The company’s HL7 compatible platform, interfaces with Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) systems eliminating manual charge entry and potential for lost charges. Automated ad¬mission and discharge notifications are intuitive features offered by the company to primary care physicians (PCP) and designated Care Coordinators, aiding in the reduction of readmission rates.

DocsInk’s steady growth across the nation is in large part attributable to the referrals from satisfied customers. Thomas elaborated,” We have created a uniquely stable and reliable solution with a 99.8 percent up time and are committed to providing an unparalleled level of service and support for the best user experience possible.” Internal Medical Specialists (IMS) is one such satisfied customer, with a practice responsible for more than 20,000 annual hospital visits. Their physicians were facing challenges caused by complex on-call rotations for each of the 6 specialties within their group. “DocsInk’s census management and integrated on-call scheduler instantly streamlined their patient hand-offs over weekends and holidays. Their physicians found that DocsInk expedited shift changes, improved communications, and minimized their required amount of manual data entry,” explains Thomas. “In addition, the Medical Director for IMS reported that DocsInk added to their bottom line in one billing cycle, providing an instant ROI.”

DocsInk’s synchronous functionality to address communication, connectivity, and fiscal challenges faced by medical professionals within all specialties, works as the firm’s differentiating factor. “We are proud to provide simple and useful technology that allows medical professionals more time to concentrate on what they care about the most; taking care of patients,” concludes Thomas.