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4PatientCare: Achieving the Healthcare Triple Aim through Patient Engagement Solutions

Dr. Jeffrey Guterman  MD, MS, CMO, 4PatientCareDr. Jeffrey Guterman MD, MS, CMO, 4PatientCare
Quality, cost, and access are the cornerstones of the patient experience. Effective communication and scheduling can enhance all three. Today’s consumer expects 24/7/365 access, yet traditional health-care delivery systems offer communication and scheduling only during business hours. How do healthcare professionals bridge this gap?

Forward thinking organizations meet this expectation by employing automated solutions for administrative tasks like reminders, recalls, surveys, web-reputation management, and web-scheduling. Healthcare leaders add automated clinical communication to enhance care and reduce emergency and inpatient care utilization—the two most important and expensive areas that impact quality and cost.

4PatientCare focuses on integrating patient communication with patient engagement methods using web-based software as a service (SaaS). “We provide an efficient communication and engagement engine that integrates data already present in the Practice Management System (PMS/EHR) with information we collect from patients. We ensure patients are seen when appropriate and provide a myriad of self-service tools that exceed patient expectations. For patients with chronic illness, these interventions reduce admission and readmission rates and medical expenses,” delineates Dr. Jeffrey Guterman, Chief Medical Officer, 4PatientCare.

4PatientCare takes a holistic approach to patient care through comprehensive engagement solutions. With its real-time web scheduler at its heart, it allows practices to fill their schedules automatically, reduce their no-show rates, and build their online web presence; all while minimizing staff time, optimizing office efficiency, and increasing revenue. Appointments are booked without any staff involvement required, and automated communications ensure that patients arrive at their appointment on time and prepared. The positive impact is near immediate; no-shows drop an average of 50 percent, schedule density and provider productivity increase, and online appointments average 18 per month. Interestingly, most patients book appointments outside of business hours, emphasizing the importance of having a web scheduler that operates without staff intervention.

We fill your schedule with desired patients, ensure they show up, on time, and prepared for their visit, while delivering higher quality care, at lower cost with virtual visits

20 percent of chronically ill patients consume 80 percent of healthcare resources. Effective implementation of automated clinical remote monitoring focused on these individuals is one of the most cost-effective interventions available. 4PatientCare, the leader in patient engagement, has proven solutions that improve care and resource use. For example, “the average heart failure admission costs over $24,000 and almost 15 percent of patients are readmitted within 30 days,” confides Guterman. Half of these readmissions can be prevented through remote monitoring, clinical alerts, and appropriately scheduled appointments. Patients are enrolled and choose their communication medium—phone, text, email, or web interaction. “If a patient fails to communicate when expected, we push communications to them. This combination of push and pull technology is a core part of the effectiveness of the solution. “We provide positive communication and reminders for patients. We do not allow them to neglect their health,” adds Guterman. One of the key factors in preventing unnecessary admissions is medication adherence. “You would be surprised just how much confusion there is regarding medication use after hospital discharge,” says Guterman.

In addition, the solution helps in engaging patients in preventive care. “The most common reason for preventable blindness in the US is diabetes. However, it is nearly 100 percent preventable, provided patients have their retina exam¬ined at the right time,” says Guterman. “We alert patients when they require retinal examinations.”

Further, through 4PatientCare Health Plan solution, patients who have not had an Initial Health Assessment (IHA) are contacted and have their IHA scheduled. Follow this link for a Microsoft case study on the effectiveness of this intervention: https://4patientcare.com/health-care-provider-increases-preventive-care-boost-efficiency-with-4patientcare Moving forward, 4PatientCare will embark upon using big data analytics to further expand patient engagement services for healthcare delivery