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Publicis Healthcare Communications Group: Maximizing the Potential of Brands

Nick Colucci, CEO, Publicis Healthcare Communications GroupNick Colucci, CEO, Publicis Healthcare Communications Group
One may have the next break-through innovation in their bag but to capture the imagination of the target audience with the same idea may pose to be a difficult task. When it comes to the healthcare space overcoming this challenge could prove to be titanic struggle. Solution providers in the healthcare space need to tickle their brains as success certainly hinges on creative communications expertise for ‘the voice’ to reach the right audience in the most suitable fashion. PHCG was established is the first healthcare-specific network in communications. The firm delivers ideas of purpose that compel action, change lives, and amplify business outcomes.

PHCG draws its inspiration from its parent company, Publicis Groupe [EPA: PUB], an advertising and communication juggernaut with 90 years of experience in business transformation. As one of the largest healthcare communications network existing currently at the global stage, PHCG manages a group of agencies that possess the expertise in promotion of inventive marketing, advertising, digital, medical and scientific affairs solutions. By leveraging contemporary and innovative technologies such as social networking, web, mobile and online communities, the company connects the various nodal points in the healthcare business spectrum covering healthcare solutions providers, practitioners, caregivers, pharmacists, and patients. “We work across disciplines and borders on behalf of our clients to create experiences that ignite dialogue, enhance understanding, and inspire life changing behavior,” says Nick Colucci, CEO, PHCG.

Having healthcare advertising and marketing agencies globally, PHCG exhibits unique collaborative work culture as it builds unique branding to each of its customers by carefully paying attention to the clients’ business challenges and goals. The customization of its solutions and services is aligned to maximize the business potential of its clients. PHCG’s product portfolio includes branding, medical communications, message delivery, insights and consulting, media, and clinical trial recruitment. The offerings enable organizations to better their healthcare advertising efforts.

We work across disciplines and borders on behalf of our clients to create experiences that ignite dialogue, enhance understanding, and inspire life changing behavior

Medical communication agencies aid better health outcomes by providing comprehensive data achieved by integrating evidence from diverse sources. Multichannel message delivery encompassing a host of entities including field sales, service teams, clinical health educators, and medical science liasions ensures maximum gain as it delivers information at the right time. The firm also offers promotional strategy driven by analytics, network solutions and integrated communication channels thus empowering clients to obtain relevant information about the core customers. The efforts result in streamlining brand’s vision, strategy, and direction.

Backed by a group of strong, creative leaders, PHCG has twelve agencies spread in various parts of the world including the U.S, U.K, India, China, and Australia. Digitas Health LifeBrands is one of its agencies that has creative set of people forging greater bond between people and the health and wellness brands. Discovery is another agency that offers advertising, medical communications, advocacy, social engagement, speaker and event management services to organizations from specialty markets, biotechnology and many more. With a catchy name called ‘Heartbeat Ideas’, this New York-based agency of PHCG implements analytics to deliver actionable insights to its customers enabling them to make informed decisions that drives brand value.

Publicis Touchpoint Solutions offers multi-channel promotional and clinical message delivery solutions and services featuring licensed healthcare professionals that brands can leverage to ensure high-level scientific interaction. With the recent acquisition of Tardis Medical, an established clinical and medical affairs outsourcing organization and consultancy, PHCG looks forward to extend its clinical capabilities.

With big names as part of its clientele, PHCG strides ahead with more energy to deliver greater care to the world while offering more business value to its customers.